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These are products we use and recommend. We use these products all the time because of their quality and/or their ease of use.

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My must haves that are not necessary but make baking easier and more organized.


We love to add these flavours to our BBQ food.


BBQ and Baking are perfect foods for entertaining so here are some of the products for entertaining.

Blog and Video Aids

These products have not let me down when it comes to taking pictures or videos.


Since we love football and consider ourselves a football family, we thought we should share links to our favourite teams merchandise.

Since Mike is a Dallas Cowboys Fan, he has many jerseys that we purchased from The Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop.

Stacy on the other hand is a Buffalo Bills fan and she gets her fan gear at the NFL Shop.

Then there is the youngest son who not only plays football but is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and you can find many of his favourite items at the NFL Fan Shop.