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Fresh Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Fresh Pineapple Upside Down Cake This Fresh Pineapple Upside Down Cake recipe is not overly sweet like the traditional dessert, but it is sweet enough to curb a sweets craving. It is easy to make and uses fresh pineapple in place of canned. Many Pineapple Upside Down Cake recipes call for a vanilla or white […]

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Double Chocolate Snack Cake

Double Chocolate Snack Cake Chocolate cake is one of our family’s favourite. I have so many different recipes for chocolate cakes. But this recipe for Double Chocolate Snack Cake is the one I make the most. Easy to make and bakes in 30 minutes*, this cake is definitely a one of my most requested cakes […]

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Chocolate Mayo Bundt Cake

Mayo cakes became popular during the depression era, when ingredients for baking were difficult to find. Eggs and oil were replaced by mayo in cakes. Even mayonnaise brands started putting the recipe on jars. The most popular for me growing up was on the Hellman’s jar. I remember my grandmother making this cake when I […]

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Chocolate Cupcakes

When it comes to cupcakes, chocolate is a favourite. Who doesn’t love chocolate? And a chocolate cupcake is a quick and delicious way to enjoy a rich chocolatey treat. This is my best chocolate cupcake recipe. I make these cupcakes for birthday parties and they are always a hit with the kids and adults alike. […]

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Chocolate Cake

This recipe is my family’s favorite chocolate cake recipe. It is moist and rich and not too sweet. It is easy to make. And it pairs well with buttercream icing.  The addition of coffee in the recipe enhances the flavour of the chocolate, and you can use decaf coffee in the recipe if you prefer, […]

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Pumpkin Snack Cake

It is that time of year, where everything is flavoured with pumpkin spice. Everywhere you go, you are bound to find something pumpkin spiced. It started with pumpkin spice lattes and now you can find pumpkin spiced everything, from cookies to cereal. A search on google for pumpkin spiced foods brings up so many options. […]