Beer, BBQ, Books and Baking

Sweet Chili Lime Chicken Breasts

Mike enjoys barbecue with a cold beer.

Stacy prefers baking and reading a good book.

So we decided to share our passions for Beer, BBQ, Books and Baking.

This is where you will find our recipes for BBQ and Baking, among other family recipes.

Mike will share tips on BBQ and Stacy will share tips on baking.

You can also find Stacy’s book reviews, recommendations and current reads.


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apple cider doughnutsMore About Us

He likes beer and barbecue.
She likes books and baking.

They say opposites attract, well that is us. While Mike enjoys beer, Stacy hates the taste and would rather have a coffee. Mike could spend hours outside with his barbecues and smokers, while Stacy would rather be inside trying new recipes for cakes and cookies. Stacy loves to read but she has never seen Mike pick up a book.

We also have many things in common, like our love of football, we just can’t agree on which teams to cheer for. Mike is a Dallas Cowboys fan while Stacy cheers for the Buffalo Bills. We do agree on hockey (Ottawa Senators), baseball (Toronto Blue Jays) and basketball (Toronto Raptors).

This is where we will share our recipes from barbecuing and baking that we create in our home and backyard.
We will review some of our favourite places and products.

We are Mike and Stacy and together we love the four B words, Beer, BBQ, Books and Baking.Bacon Wrapped Smoked Pickles
Mike loves Beer and BBQ. For him, those two things go hand in hand.
For Stacy, books and baking are two passions she cannot live without.
If you love BBQ and/or baking, then stay tuned for mouthwatering recipes, tips and tricks.
Mike will discuss BBQ recipes and his love for cooking outdoors. Whether it be grilling or smoking, he loves to talk about his techniques and discuss new recipes.  And since we live in Canada, he will also share tips on cooking outside in the snow and cold weather (typical Canadian BBQ).

There will also be baking galore, especially in the fall and leading up to Christmas. Stacy will share recipes from her childhood, which was French Canadian baking and great food. She will also share new recipes she creates for our family.

And Stacy will obviously talk about the books she is reading because she never misses a chance to discuss what she is reading with someone. (so feel free to send her a message recommending a good book)

espresso browniesAnd of course, there will be posts about life with ten children, grandchildren and two dogs. So come back often and see what’s new. Life is an adventure for us and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

*An update: as of 2020 Stacy started using a gas grill to bake and cook on. This is all new to her so be on the lookout for her BBQ recipes as well. 

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @beerbbqbooksandbaking to see what we are grilling or baking. We can also be found on  Facebook and Twitter.